Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Evaluation, Question 3

Who would be the audience for our media product?

Because of the aspects of our film and the story line, our target audience is girls and boys (mainly girls) aged at least 13 years and above. This is because the theme of our film is about a young girl who is obsessed with dolls so this might appeal to girls that like to play with dolls or girls who used to play with dolls when they were younger. It may appeal to boys because the the 'thrilling' side of it (as in general, males seem to like thrilling films more than females). I have created a small monatge of what the typical target audience may look like.

 I have chosen the girl that I have circled in red to be our example of our typical audience for our film (her name is Emma). I created a very short animation (on http://www.goanimate.com/) of Emma. Take a look!
GoAnimate.com: Kim 18 by ethelafrane

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!

I have also created a montage to show the things that Emma may carry around in her bag.

As you can see, Emma is a typical teenage girl carrying typical things that a girl of her age would carry with them in their bags on an average day. There are three significant things in her bag that I have circled in red; her doll, a Blockbuster membership card and a Vue (Vue cinemas) gift card. These three items give away a hint as to why she is a typical example of who would watch our film. The doll (which she has named Amber) is her 'good luck' doll and she carries it in her bag wherever she goes. She carries this doll around as she used to love playing with dolls when she was younger, however, as she got older she obviously stopped playing with them but she still has an obsession with dolls. She has had Amber since she was a little girl and she feels Amber gives her good luck and makes good things come her way. The fact that she used to love playing with dolls (and still loves them) makes her a good example of our typical audience. Girls like her may be more willing to watch our film as the theme of it is about dolls, however they may dislike the fact that the doll in our film (Annabelle) is evil as they may feel that this is a bad representation of dolls.

The Blockbuster membership card (which tells us that she visits the cinemas regularly) and the Vue cinemas gift card show that she likes to rent out and watch films. The Blockbuster card shows that she is a member and this means that if our film was to be distributed as a DVD she would most likely rent it out and watch it. Also, if our film was released in cinemas it is also likely that she would watch it to as she has a £20 gift voucher!!

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