Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation, Question 8

Looking back at our preliminary task, what do we feel we have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Comparing our preliminary film to our real thriler film, I have noticed the improvements that we have made and the big difference betwen the two. I am going to explain, using screen shots of the films to demonstrate the comparisons and the improvements between them both.

The titles.
In our prelim film, the titles wasn't good as we rushed it due to the time we had to complete it, we did not follow a conventional (or appropiate) order and they were out of place. In our prelim we put 'edited by' and all our names (as the editers) as the second title!!! We put this title in too early as the names of the editer(s) usually come in the middle somwhere or even near the end.

As you can see in our prelim film, the name of the editers appear in at 24 seconds into the film and this was the second title!

However, in our real film, the name of the editer came in at 1 minute and 40 seocnds into the film whcih is a much more appropiate position to place it in. Also the title looks better with just one editer instead of a long list of names at the editers!

Camera shots/angles.

We realised that in our Prelim there was a particular shot that we didn't like and it was unecessary. I have compared this bad shot from our prelim to two good camera shots/angles in our real film.

As you can see this shot from our prelim is quite a bad point-of-view shot. This is because the camera is angled at an empty space that has no relevance to the purpose of this shot, and you can see one of the characters (me) just in the corner. Me and the other character (Fatama) were supposed to be in the centre of the shot however I don't know what went wrong!!!

I think this over- the- shoulder shot of Amy is one of our best shots and is much better than the shot above! It is a clear medium close up and we can see her reflection in the mirror.

I really like this birds-eye-view shot of Amy too as it helps to build suspense as it gives off the sense that someone is watching over her (and she is unaware of this)...

To make our edits smoother and more interesting to watch we added in transitions such as 'fade in' and 'fade out', 'dissolve' and so on. I really think this helped to make our film flow smoothly and look more proffessional. However, we did not use any transition effects in our prelim...

I think our prelim would of looked a bit better if we used some transitions such as fade in and fade outs just to make it more suspenseful. Looking at this shot opposite, there is no effect (and this is how it is throughout it) and it may seem a bit dull...

As you can see the over-the-shoulder shot of Amy nicely fades into the cartoon version of her sitting at the mirror.. I think the transition here worked really well because it really made the cartoon vs real life theme really stand out...

Even though our sound wasn't that great in our film, I feel that we have improved on it. This is because we decided to add in a sound that we made ourselves- Fatama's singing. Fatama recorded herself singing 'Twinkle twinkle little star' using her phone and imported it into our film. I think this was a good thing to do as it shows our campability of making our own sounds to use in our film.

Making use of technologies available to us.
We thought that we needed to do something to make our film unique and different from others. We decided to add in the drawings to our film. To do this we had to draw out some scenes on paper and then use a scanner machine to scan in the drawings. It saved unto the Apple Mac desktops, we copied and pasted them onto our USB stick and then imported them into Final Cut Pro and placed them into our film. They turned out great!! I realised that when making our prelim, we did not think about using the opportunities we have to make our film more interesting and unique. We simply filmed, edited it and then added in titles. However, when making our film we knew we had to do something different and it turned out that our decision was good as everyone liked our unique and creative idea!! (:

 Our prelim titles looks quite dull and too simple

 However, look at the difference! the drawing in the background make our titles more interesting!!!

I think these main things that we have improved on has helped our film to be much better than our prelim and we have learned a lot on how to make a thriller film successful!

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