Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation: Question 5

How will we attract our audinece?

Well we want to make it cost free as much as possible, so therefore we have reaserched different free social networking sites that we could so that people would see it and use word of mouth and recommed thier friends to watch it.

What we have done as a group are put it up on facebook, youtube and twitter.

Facebook: is a social networking service and website launched in February 2004. As of January 2011 Facebook has more than 600 million active users. as you can see it is a very popular networking site, this is why we think that it will work great to put it up on here..

YouTube:  is a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos. a wide variety of user-generated video content, including movie clips, TV clips, and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogging and short original videos. Most of the content on YouTube has been uploaded by individuals.

This is amy's account on youtube, we have decided to use this to post our film:

This when we were uploading it: its really simple to upload a video on yotube..

this is it published on yotube: as you can see we have 0 views becasue we have just posted it, but as time goes by it will increase when people watch it and share it. 

i looked at it 2 days after and we got 5 views :D

Twitter: is a social networking and microblogging website, based in San Francisco, California,generating 65 million tweets a day and handling over 800,000 search queries per day. Twitter enables users to send and read text-based posts composed of up to 140 characters, called tweets, which are displayed on the user's profile page.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation, Question 5

How will we attract/address our audience?

I visited the website to see examples of other students  short films that have been created the help o First Light and have been posted onto their site to gain a large and varied audeince. First Light is a funded organisation that helps young people from all backgrounds to develop their skills, talent, creativity, confidence and entrepreneurial capabilities. They provide opportunities for young people to work with industry professionals on high quality, youth led digital media project and this is why I have visisted the website. I watched a short horror film that won the First Light Awards in 2009 as the best horror nominee.The film is about about a girl who has become nothing more than a ragdoll, held together by pins and bones, unable to join her friends in the ghost world. The film was created by twelve young people. As they won an award for best horror film in 2009 this englarged the audience that viewed their film and their film is now well- known and highly rated. Below is the video.

The Rag Doll Girl from First Light on Vimeo.
Their short film lasts for 4 mins and 49 minutes long and it's really interesting and very thrilling!!

The students were aware that if when making their film, it will be on a low budget and so they have used this organisation to their full advantage to help them to get their film seen by a wider audience. Winning an award has also giving them many advantages to reach their aim and it is possible that they have used other sites to get their film noticed. They have also posted their film on Vimeo which will also give them a bigger audience and more hits!

We have followed the idea of these students and uploaded our own thriller film onto a social networking site that we use to get it noticed by a wider audience- Facebook. Below are some screenshots of it on Facebook.

Fatama uploaded our film unto Facebook and I asked her to tag me in the film too so that it will appear on my profile and so my friends will be able to see it and comment on it. I have over 500 friends on facebook, so straight away I already started to recieve some comments on it (I also had to ask some people to watch and comment too). Below are some screenshots of some of the comments we recieved.

(The boy made a spelling mistake, he meant 'one  WORD' not one 'world'). A short while after uploading our film we already recieved many 'likes'!!!

 We still keep recieving many comments and this is a great sign that our film is being watched by many people!!

We also uploaded our film onto youtube!!! Below is a screenshot we took as soon as we uploaded it

After about 10 minutes we already received 10 views!!!

We really liked the publicity that our film was gaining so we decided to upload in onto the social networking site Twitter so we can get a wider audience!

Twitter is slightly differnt from the typical social networking sites where you can just upload images and videos on your page. Instead, Twitter allows you to post the link to a video or a photo that you have uploaded, and then your friends can view it in another page when they click on the link. So Amy posted the link of our film on her twitter so that her twitter friends can click on the link which will take them to Youtube so they can watch our film from there!

Evaluation, Question 4

What kind of institution might distribute our media product and why?

Our film that we have produced is classified as an independent film on a very low budget. This will obviously effect the way it is distributed and what type of institution would distribute our film. Institutions that are likely/will distribute our film are;

- First light - Here is the link  
- Indie Movies - Here is the link 
- The Green Screen 
- Youtube
- Facebook

We will release our film on the social networking site Facebook and we have already embedded it onto If we choose to, we can upload it onto Youtube, where it can be seen worldwide! It will be seen on cinematic screening at 'The Green Screen' cinema in Angel (near my college) and will be viewed by ourselves and other media students in our college. There will also be a release of 200 DVD copies of our film which each media student will receive and then we will have the choice to distribute it by showing friends and family etc. 

Because our film is a very low budget film the only way that we will be able to distribute it is online by different institutions like the ones I previously mentioned, as they are free and will help us get a wider audience and more feedback.

QUESTION 4&5 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?

Because our film is  a low budget film independent company's would most likely distribute our film or we could upload our films on websites like youtube or vimeo and hopefully get more viewers.  Some students have uploaded their videos on websites here are a few
here is the link for the film on the website

Another student uploaded his video online and he won a competition here is the link to it

Evaluation: Question 4

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

The instutution that distrabuted the film is us.. we are a independant, low budget roduction company. we are going to use the internet to further out distrabution and to market our film.. this means that potentially it could reach a global audience!!!

The internet has been used to launch this movie so that we can reach it to a wider audinece... for example  this video called music video called friday by rebecca black has caused a hype everywhere.. she posted it and now it is viral! this video shows how just by putting it up on the internet you can grab a lager audience rather than using the tradtional cinema showing...

Here is the video:

We could also try apply to put it on the first light website:

First Light helps young people from all backgrounds to develop their skills, talent, creativity, confidence and entrepreneurial capabilities.
We provide opportunities for young people to work with industry professionals on high quality, youth led digital media projects.
Since launching in 2001, we have enabled over 40,000 budding creative professionals to write, act, shoot, light, direct, construct and produce over 1000 films and media projects. First Light’s productions cover a diverse range of topics and genres, and make use of accessible digital film and media technology.

this is who film makers like us can go to if they want to make films and they either dont have the equipment or the courgage. 

Funding of :

Nick Frost - Favourite Film Experience from First Light on Vimeo.

We could also enter the sunday times competttion on firstlight:


There is also gonna be a realese of 200 dvds of the films given to students, this will incraese distrabution because they can show their friedns.

We also had a film screening at the screen on the green, this viewed it to all the media students.. this means that they will see our film and through word of mouth they can tell other people to watch it..

This is when we first published it:

As you can see its actually working, people are viewing our opening.. it went from 0 to 19!!!!!!!! wow amazed.. this just shows that independent filmers or film producers can become big from just putting it up on the internet. 

This is the link if you want to watch it on youtube: 



-The Prezi below shows ways in which our film could be distributed;

-Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are good for distributing our film as many people use social networking sites, this also helps are target audience of about 18 - 30 years old as many people of that age tend to use social networking sites like these.

-Distributing our film on video sharing sites such as Youtube and Viemo is also another good way of distributing our film, as now there are many people like Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black, who have become viral on the internet because of youtube.

-We could also distribute our film on websites such as and, as they are for unknown filmmakers who want to become known and show other people their work. Firstlightonline especially, as it is for young people to show their talent and creativity. This is a great way for us to distribute our film.

 -Our film was also shown at The screen on the green cinema, where evey media student came to look at each others work. Each media student will each recivev a DVD of  everyones film, which then they will show their friends, this is another good way of distribtuting.

QUESTION 3 Who would be the audience for your media product?


This is one of our target audiences. Our film is for 15+ but we think maybe older people may want to come like people who are 16 and over becasue it may be a bit complicated for some.

Evaluation, Question 2

How does our media product represent particular social groups?

When considering the type of social groups/audience that our film may appeal too, we made sure that we showed the theme/genre of our film through our use of mis-en-scene. The main character (Amy) is dressed up too look like a young girl. A character that's similar to Amy is the main character Esther from the film Orphan. This film is also about young children which is a similar theme to our film. Below are some images. 

As you can see she looks like a little girl (Amy is actually 17 years old!!!) She is wearing pink pajamas. Her hair is in plaits in two piggy tails and she is wearing a head band. She is holding a doll (Annabelle) and holding a comb to brush her hair with. This use of mi- en- scene creates a sense of childhood and little girls.

This is a better image of Amy's face, however this image is from our first idea for our film when we decided to put on make on her,  but we soon changed our idea and decided not to let her wear make up.  

You can see the similarity between both characters. This character looks young just like Amy and she looks quite creepy as well. Her hair is in two piggy tails too.

This is an image that I found on Google that inspired me to make Amy feed her doll in our film. This will reveal that she is obsessed with her doll

The shots are very similar and help to add the sense of 'obsession with dolls'

Our film is a representation of innocence and childhood. The theme of our film is about young girls. It represent 'girly' girls who love playing with dolls and barbies. We also tried to portray the way in which childhood toys can make young ones become obsessed with them to an extent it can become dangerous and un-ordindary (in our film Amy thinks that the doll Annabelle speaks to her and tells her to do bad things and the doll ends up controlling her actions and behaviour). We have portrayed our representation with our mis-en- scene. Below are images to show what I am talking about.

As you can see the pair of Pajamas that Amy is wearing is similar to the one right. The pink pajamas help to add a sense of girly innocence.

We purposely made Amy wear this head band to make her look more innocent. These head bands are typically worn by young girls.

  We purposely used this doll (on the left) for our film (which we named Annablle). We used Anabelle as she looks like a typical doll that young girls would play with. The doll also looks quite thrilling in a way becuase of the way it has a smile on its face. As you can see the two dolls look very similar.

 We put the pot of colouring pencils in the film next to Amy as she was drawing. Although it may not be as significant it adds a sense of childhood innocence as it represents children that like to draw.

Evaluation: Question 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups? 

At first when we thought about our film we were inspired by the film 'orphan'. we really liked the idea that she was  a twisted woman in a girls body.. this inspired us to have amy (the main character) wearing make up and looking like one of the dolls instead of a normal girl...

Here is that trailer of orphan;

However when we actually watched the clips it looked too much like she was a old women in a little girls body.. and we didnt want this effect.. so we decided to change it to her being a normal lttle girl, also we changed it because we were revealing to much in the first 2 minuties of the film.. therefore we needed to cut down the action so that we didnt give the story away! this is amy before and after when we changed our minds about the direction of our film: 

As you can see we have even changed the clothes
to make her seem more like a little girl...

Evaluation, Question 1

"How does our media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?"

When creating our film, we gained inspiration of the style of our title sequence from other real film opening sequences (even though they are not the same genre). One of our biggest inspiration was from the opening title sequence to the film Sherlock Holmes. As I have explained before in my previous blogs, our title sequence consists of drawn-out (cartoon- style) scenes just like Sherlock Holmes. Belolw are shots from our film, and shots from Sherlock Holmes so I can clearly explain the comparison. 

 As you can see, the two shots are similar as they are drawn out, and the titles run over the drawings. We have used a discrete title sequence just like Sherlock Holmes...


 These are other shots from the title sequence of Sherlock Holmes. The drawn- out style title sequence continues throughout the their title sequence just like our one. (The writing is their titles)



We also gained some inspiration from the opening sequence of the film  Juno, and in fact, their opening sequence is more of a similar theme to our film. (Juno is a 2007 comedy- drama film directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody. Ellen Page stars as the title character, an independent-minded teenager confronting an unplanned pregnancy and the subsequent events that put pressures of adult life onto her). Below are some screen shots.

 These shots in particular are very similar as they are both medium close ups of the main characters with their names next to them as the titles

The theme of our film is about childhood innocence and we wanted to portray this by trying to keep our film at a slow pace to match the slow paced music that we used and to also build up suspense. We also followed the conventional ordering of titles (the name of the studio is usually the first title that appears following the name of the production company, the actors names, the title of the film, who it was directed and edited by and so on- and this is the order we did our titles in).