Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Looking at the filming we done so far....

Today in our lesson we got into our groups and used the Apple Macs to view the filming that we had done at Amy's house last week. It was a real chance for us to see what we did well, what went wrong and what we need to improve on. We learnt quite alot from just watching what we had filmed.. and overall we came up with a better idea!! Below are some screen grabs I took as we were watching our film...

These are all the clips that we filmed saved on our memory card. We watched each one, re-named them so what next time when we edit we know which clip is about and we also deleted the ones that came out wrong

We copied all of our clips from the memory card and saved it onto a different folder in a different location and named it as 'Annabelle's whispers clips'

This is the first clip we watched. It was a clip of an establsihing shot of Amy's room. We realised that the camera wasn't in good focus so we noted it down as we will need to re- film this next time and make sure the camera is focused!!

 This was one of our best shots!! As you can see Amy's shadow is reflecting on the wall which makes the shot quite thrilling!

Annabelle looks really scary here as her shadow is reflected on the wall! This was also one of our best shots too!

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