Thursday, 24 March 2011

Getting Some Feedback...

I was only able to get 5 different people to watch our unfinised film and to fill out my questionnaire, because everyone seemed to be busy editing their films and my time was vey tight! The good thing though, is that I did get some feedback which I have recorded below...

My first question was...

Is there any significant features or aspects of the film that tells you as an audience that it is a thriller?
If yes, how?
If no, why?

ANSWERS: 4 people conluded that there was things that revealed it was a thriller, for example the close up shots of Annabelle (the doll), the nursery ryhme (Twinkle twinkle little star) which is our base sound (because it sounded quite thrilling), and the close up of the other dolls.

The remaining person said "I didn't really feel the suspense"

My second question was...

Do you think we have used a good range of shots to try and create suspense?
If no, why?

ANSWERS: 3 of them conluded that our different shots were good and suitable. The other two concluded that we needed more shot types, for example close ups, birds-eye- view shots, tilting shots to make it more thrilling and interesting.

My third question was...

Does our film  succseed in giving out hints of what it is about?
Yes, I understand/get a hint of what it's about
No, its quite confusing and I don't know what to think
Not sure

ANSWERS: 3 of them ticked yes, 1 ticked no and the other one ticked not sure

My fouth question was...

Is our titles good?
If no, why?

ANSWER: All of them ticked yes. I asked one of them why and they said they are good because they are "plain and simple" which suit the theme and storyline of our thriller....

My fifth question was...

What would you rate our film out of 10?

ANSWERS: The ratings we got were;  6, 6, 7,7, 8

Overall, I think the feedback was quite positive and I like the advice that they gave us on how to improve. However, the advice on the different shot types is the only problem as we don't have time to do some more filming!! Apart from that, when doing our final edit, I guess we have to do what we can to make our film as thirlling as possible!!

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