Thursday, 24 March 2011

Theatres and Cinemas

Yesterday i went with my drama class to see a play called The Red Shoes at the BAC in Clapham Common. It was a brilliant play it was said to be similar to the film black swan. Which FYI i have not seen. Apart from the actors and actresses i think what made the show brilliant is the fact that it was interactive. Of course in the cinema it can't be interactive but the film shown is meant to connect to us but i feel as if its a sit and watch situation whereas in a theatre its a sit-watch-interact situation because the cators communicate with the audience and we can also touch some of the props and everything is in your face. The theatre space was also different some of the seating was made of hay and the rest were just blocks. I forgot the reason why i mentioned that but ill come back to it. The good thing about watching films in a Cinema is that with the cinema all our attention is on the film and no where else but in a theatre space you can be easily disracted because many things are happening around us so its easy for us to be confused becasue the plays are always face paced.
Now i remember why i mentioned the hay seating and block seating- it makes us/the audience feel part of the scenary.
I recommend you seeing The Red Shoes its a really good play some people said it was scary or a bit confusing but i enjoyed every part of it. I like horror films so what scared the rest did not scare me.

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