Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Editing our Film #Round 3

Today was really exciting as Fatama drew the drawings that we needed for our film as she had promised and she also did a recording of herself singing a lullaby!!! It sounded really good and sounded perfect for our film. As I mentioned before in my previous blog, we deciced to change things around a bit. Instead of having the drawings of the princesses, the teddy bears and so on that cut in and out in between our film, we decided to make our film more like the opening sequence of Sherlock Holmes where the shot (or scene) is drawn out after the actual filmed shot has been shown. However, we have decided to do this the other way round where we will have the drawn out scene before the real filmed shot appears... I took some pictures as we were editing...

19.png (1035×1600)

These are the pictures Fatama drew for us to add into our film. As you can see they are pictures of some of the shots in our film. They look really good!

As you can see, Fatama has drawn some of our shots, and we have placed them before the real filmed shots are shown. (They look really good don't they!?) Our titles will run over these drawings.

 Look at how similar this shot looks to the drawing!! Great stuff!

Me and my group editing!!

 We the worked on the titles. We decided to make the titles nice and simple using plain but suitable font. We created our titles using Final Cut Pro.

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