Sunday, 13 March 2011

Filming....... You Know What Were Filming

Ok so we filmed again at Amy's house and i was pretty much thinking that this was our last chance. We filmed amy playing with her dolls in the room then we decided to film around the house just in case it was needed. Things went well like last time but becasue we didn't know how to play it back after we finished filming we just prayed that the clips were focused. Ethel got her sister to draw nice pictures for our animatic and we did not put  make up on Amy to make her look natural if we have time we could edit our before film and after film so that you guys can compare. I dont think i put our animatic on my blog so i'll find it and upload it soon. In the mean time we'll have to wait untill monday's lesson to see how the clips turned out.

Please God we need this to be perfect.

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