Tuesday, 22 March 2011


» In yesterdays lesson, we carried on with editing to make sure we meet the final deadline on 25th March.
-When looking for sounds we decided that we wanted to use the same one which we used in our animatic, the music box sound we found on youtube. However we found out that it was copyrighted, in this case we wasn't allowed to use it, we were so disappointed and had to think fast on what we could do, so then me and Fatama went on Soundtrack Pro and looked for some sounds which would suit our opening, we found a few and starting composing them together into one piece.

-This is what we originally wanted to use, but as it is copyrighted, therefore we couldn't.

» Luckily for us, if Phil and Mary didn't tell us to check if it was copyrighted we would have used it and lost marks for using copyrighted music.

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