Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Editing Of Film

So on wednesday we decided to edit our film and maje a rough cut. As we were editing i didnt think the film looked as thrilling as i wanted it to look. It was too bright and very ordinary when i looked at the other films that my class had made it looked really good, but i guess i have to wait and see the ending result. Thank God the clips were focused because i would be soooo angry so YAYYYY we dont have to go over it again.
Phil helped us with working out how the camerea operated. Obviously we knew the basic things like how to record and how to turn it on but we did not know how to play the clips back and focus it properly.

Things that i think would have made our film more thrilling.

I think if we had made the room dark and kept the spotlight it would have looked thrillig especially when the spotlight hit Amy and her shadow apperared behind her, it looked really good but we have no time to do that again.

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