Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation: Question 4

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

The instutution that distrabuted the film is us.. we are a independant, low budget roduction company. we are going to use the internet to further out distrabution and to market our film.. this means that potentially it could reach a global audience!!!

The internet has been used to launch this movie so that we can reach it to a wider audinece... for example  this video called music video called friday by rebecca black has caused a hype everywhere.. she posted it and now it is viral! this video shows how just by putting it up on the internet you can grab a lager audience rather than using the tradtional cinema showing...

Here is the video:

We could also try apply to put it on the first light website:

First Light helps young people from all backgrounds to develop their skills, talent, creativity, confidence and entrepreneurial capabilities.
We provide opportunities for young people to work with industry professionals on high quality, youth led digital media projects.
Since launching in 2001, we have enabled over 40,000 budding creative professionals to write, act, shoot, light, direct, construct and produce over 1000 films and media projects. First Light’s productions cover a diverse range of topics and genres, and make use of accessible digital film and media technology.

this is who film makers like us can go to if they want to make films and they either dont have the equipment or the courgage. 

Funding of :

Nick Frost - Favourite Film Experience from First Light on Vimeo.

We could also enter the sunday times competttion on firstlight:


There is also gonna be a realese of 200 dvds of the films given to students, this will incraese distrabution because they can show their friedns.

We also had a film screening at the screen on the green, this viewed it to all the media students.. this means that they will see our film and through word of mouth they can tell other people to watch it..

This is when we first published it:

As you can see its actually working, people are viewing our opening.. it went from 0 to 19!!!!!!!! wow amazed.. this just shows that independent filmers or film producers can become big from just putting it up on the internet. 

This is the link if you want to watch it on youtube: 

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