Wednesday, 2 March 2011


» During the half term, we didn't have th chance to film, as we had a few problems...

-everything was going to plan, we were ready and set fro filming, however, when it came to actually filming, we couldn't! We didn't have the memory card in order for us to film. So, I went to college the next day to pick up the memory card, unfortunatly no one was there! meaning once again we couldn't film. Then on Monday, it was teachers training day, I went in again to pick up the memory card and unfortunatly this time two of our memory cards were missingm so I just picked up the one that was there, memory card C. Then went over to Ethel's house to hopefully start filming, and again, unfortunatly we couldn't! memory card C didn't work in the camera, so we just had to wait till we went back to college to find our other memoery cards.

-In the process of this, we had to change the location to my house as bernard said that Ethel's house is too far for us to travel there and back. 

-We also found our other memory cards! We could finally start filming!

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