Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation, Question 4

What kind of institution might distribute our media product and why?

Our film that we have produced is classified as an independent film on a very low budget. This will obviously effect the way it is distributed and what type of institution would distribute our film. Institutions that are likely/will distribute our film are;

- First light - Here is the link  
- Indie Movies - Here is the link 
- The Green Screen 
- Youtube
- Facebook

We will release our film on the social networking site Facebook and we have already embedded it onto If we choose to, we can upload it onto Youtube, where it can be seen worldwide! It will be seen on cinematic screening at 'The Green Screen' cinema in Angel (near my college) and will be viewed by ourselves and other media students in our college. There will also be a release of 200 DVD copies of our film which each media student will receive and then we will have the choice to distribute it by showing friends and family etc. 

Because our film is a very low budget film the only way that we will be able to distribute it is online by different institutions like the ones I previously mentioned, as they are free and will help us get a wider audience and more feedback.

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