Sunday, 13 March 2011

Half Term Filming 2


Well as i said in my previous post the first day of filming was not so great. 2nd day of filming Amy went to college to see if the memory cards were there but they weren't so she brought a different memory card that was given by the media department. God Your Killing Me! The memory card was for a still camera *sigh* No filming yet again. We were going nowhere the college was closed no memory cards and little time. So we made use of the time we had by going out and buying more dolls to make the room look more child like because the dolls we had were limited and the room was looking empty we wanted a big doll to be Annabell (big as in a child height) but we didn't want to pay for it because we were only going to use it once and after that im sure we are not going to play with it. So we were thinking of borrowing the doll (NOT STEALING) We tried to make a deal with the shopkeepers but all of them turned us down.


We finally gave up. We couldn't  film, we had no memory cards, so we just had to wait.

What a great half term.

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