Wednesday, 23 March 2011


» Phil and Mary came to look at our film and gave us some feedback and ideas, which would help us get more marks. Phil's idea being that we should use the idea of Sherlock Holmes' opening sequence, using animation to fit with the frame from the opening or just completely get rid of the parts were you see me drawing and just leave the parts were I am playing the the dolls, as well as having the drawn images. Mary's idea was to re-draw the images we already have and use a black marker, so therefore, it will fit in with what I am doing, drawing with a black marker.

-So taking that all in, we put the both together and decided to use the idea of Sherlock Homles' opening sequence but drawing them out in a black marker, so that it all ties in and fits with the rest of the film.

-So we took pictures of the frames we wanted to have drawn, Fatama was prepared to draw the animatic images so she took them home to draw ready for our next lesson to add them to the film.

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