Monday, 14 March 2011

2nd day for filming

We had to change our senario...there were a few problems...  

In our monday lesson, when it came to putting titles in and editing our clips, we realised that too much was being revealed in the opening sequence. So therefore, we decided to cut it down a bit, and change whta was happening slightly...With the help of Phil and Mary, we decided that the opening should be simple, with not too much going on, in  a precious lesson Bernard suggested that we should included some of our animatic in the opening, as he thought that it was good and would be interesting to have the opening cut into the animatic. We told Phil about this idea and he showed us the opening to Sherlock Holmes, which inspired us with the idea of having drawn pictures of the animatic as well as filming footage.

We then decided that instead of having a narrative opening, which we wanted at the start, we changed our mind and decided that we wanted a descret/stylised opening where the titles only show on the animatic. We had to re-film some shots (for example the establishing shots of the room, as the ones we filmed last time were not in focus). As we've changed the story line a bit, we filmed what was necessary for our new story line. here are some pictures of the second day of filming...

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