Wednesday, 23 March 2011


» With only 2 more days left till the final deadline, we had to get cracking! straight onto it!
-While Fatama was editing, adding the animated images in which she drew on and adding on transitions me and Ethel was putting together a soundtrack for our opening. Using Soundtrack Pro, we looked at various different sounds from pianos to guitars to help compose something that would go with the opening, as well as singing which Fatama previously recorded of her singing a well known children's lullaby, twinkle twinkle little star, we thought that this would and an effect and give it a more of a thrilling/mysterious yet ordinary feel to it.

-Images that Fatama drew with footage from the film , putting them together, with inspiration from Sherlock Holmes' opening.


-These are the original pictures we were going to use, but as Mary told us to re-draw them using a black marker to fit in with what is going on in the opening.

18.png (1532×1456)

-And here are the re-dran pictures with black marker.

19.png (1035×1600)

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