Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Making a Final Edit To Our Film!

When we watched our final film (which we had posted onto Blogger) me and Amy noticed a few faults so we had to re-edit our film and upload it again!! At this time we only had like 30 minutes until the deadline so we had to work fast!!

At first we noticted that about half way through the film, the sound volume went down! This wasn't supposed to happen so we had to re-edit the sound volume in Final Cut Pro. It was nothing major, we just had to adjust the settings as we realised someone has accidently set it wrongly.

After that we thought we coukd make some improvements with the titles. Below are images to show what we did.

As you can see here the titles are running over the stairs. The stairs are slightly slanted but the text are still in a straight line.

However, we edited it so that the text is slanted like the stairs. This made it looks more stylish (ignore the fact that the titles are different, this is because the image before is taken from one of our rough edits).

 As you can see, on this image the titles just say 'edited by' without no ones name as the name appeared in the next shot. However, we thought we should change this as it did not match as to what we done throughout our title sequence. For example as one of our titles 'Mary Emencheta, Camera' we did this as one title put together into one shot, so if we spaced them out e.g wrote 'edited by' in one shot and then 'Sophia Adams' in another, this will seem odd.

We edited it and wrote the editers name (Sophia Adams) underneath as a whole title instead. We made change to other titles which we also separated ot in the same way too.

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