Monday, 7 March 2011

Gaining more inspiration....

I was looking around on Youtube for title sequence's for inspiration and I found the perfect one! This title sequence to the film called Sherlock Holmes is very similar to how we've decided to create our title sequence.

 We have changed things around. Our storyline for our film at first wasn't quite as goos as we thought it would be. As we watched what we filmed last week on the Apple Macs we realised that we had too much going on and that we revealed too much. As its just an opening, it is not necessary for there to be too much action and we need to reveal less, so we've decided to change things around a little.

Our scenraio will simply be Amy drawing, playing with her dolls and teddy bears, and in between all this we will cut into Amy's drawings (like the title sequence in  the video) - the drawings will show her child-like imagination as there will be drawings of princesses, fairys, teddy bears and so on ... in the end we will reveal her drawings which will be of evil and scary, monster-like characters and this should give the audience a little thrill without revealing too much! We've decided to use a discrete title sequence instead of a narrative one (so the titles will appear on the drawings).

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