Monday, 21 March 2011

Having trouble with our sound!!

Today we found out some devastating news! The sound that we wanted to use for the base music for our film has been copy righted. This means that we are not allowed to use it unless we have permission from the producer and this may be a very long process! Below is the sound we wanted to use for  our film, taken from Youtube.

When we viewed the information on this sound on Youtube, sadly, we realised that it was copyrighted :(

We then decided to look for other sounds on Youtube and also search for sounds we could use from the program Sound Track Pro. We found some good sounds but unfortunately they were not as good as our original sound!!!

Phil our teacher advised us to make our own sound as we will gain more marks for this and it is better than just simply searching for sound and adding it in our film. We then came up with an idea that Fatama should record herself singing (as she has a nice voice) in the bathroom (so we get an echo effect) singing a lullaby song. If it sounds good we will use it in our film as the base sound whilst adding in other lullaby sounds and thrilling sounds to build suspense...

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