Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Evaluation; Audience feedback (Question 6)

Today was really interesting as we got to watch other groups films in our class, including our one too!! After watching each groups film we had to give them some feedback on what we liked about theri it and what we thought they could improve on. We then had a discussion after watching each groups film which was interesting.

Our film was shown last and we had a lot of positive feedback as well as things that the class thought we should improve on. Below is an image that represents the kind of feedback that we received.
Positive feeback;
Below are general feedback from our class (which I have put into speech bubbles) of the things that they liked about our film. 

Below are the general feedback we got on the things we could improve on in our film and some of the things that didn't work so well.


I also have a video of our teacher Phil talking to the class and asking around for feedback. Unfortunately some students responses were not clear as they were not talking loud enough!!! (it's very long, just over 11 minutes)

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