Thursday, 24 March 2011

Coming Close To The Deadline

So as with many films there are the difficulties. Heres a list:

No memory cards- we could not find our memory card so we could not film which leads to the next difficulty.

Less Time- so as we couldn't film becasue we had no memory cards so the half term that we had was a complete waste of time

Few Dolls- we did not have enough dolls so we could not make the room look girly enough to fit the purpose of our film

Stingy Shopkeepers- So we had limited dolls we went to many charity shops and we found the perfect doll to act as Annabelle unfortunaley the doll was very expensive and we did not want to spent too much money on it because  we were only going to use it for a little while so it would be a waste of money but when we tried to negotiate (we asjed to borrow then return) the shopkeeper said no

Restrictions- The equipment was retured at a late time so somebody from the media depeartment.(not nameing any names) said we could not use it out of media hours. So the only time we could film were on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Copyrighted music- the soundtrack that we used happened to be copyrighted. It was soo beautiful *sobs*

Pictures- we realised that the pictures did not work well with our film so we had to change them quickly

Refilming- OH MY our first film did not make any sense it was soo complicated so many things were happening and it was just the opening so we had to refilm it

Unfocused clips- Disater! We had to refilm

Apart from all of this were doing just fine.

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