Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation, Question 2

How does our media product represent particular social groups?

When considering the type of social groups/audience that our film may appeal too, we made sure that we showed the theme/genre of our film through our use of mis-en-scene. The main character (Amy) is dressed up too look like a young girl. A character that's similar to Amy is the main character Esther from the film Orphan. This film is also about young children which is a similar theme to our film. Below are some images. 

As you can see she looks like a little girl (Amy is actually 17 years old!!!) She is wearing pink pajamas. Her hair is in plaits in two piggy tails and she is wearing a head band. She is holding a doll (Annabelle) and holding a comb to brush her hair with. This use of mi- en- scene creates a sense of childhood and little girls.

This is a better image of Amy's face, however this image is from our first idea for our film when we decided to put on make on her,  but we soon changed our idea and decided not to let her wear make up.  

You can see the similarity between both characters. This character looks young just like Amy and she looks quite creepy as well. Her hair is in two piggy tails too.

This is an image that I found on Google that inspired me to make Amy feed her doll in our film. This will reveal that she is obsessed with her doll

The shots are very similar and help to add the sense of 'obsession with dolls'

Our film is a representation of innocence and childhood. The theme of our film is about young girls. It represent 'girly' girls who love playing with dolls and barbies. We also tried to portray the way in which childhood toys can make young ones become obsessed with them to an extent it can become dangerous and un-ordindary (in our film Amy thinks that the doll Annabelle speaks to her and tells her to do bad things and the doll ends up controlling her actions and behaviour). We have portrayed our representation with our mis-en- scene. Below are images to show what I am talking about.

As you can see the pair of Pajamas that Amy is wearing is similar to the one right. The pink pajamas help to add a sense of girly innocence.

We purposely made Amy wear this head band to make her look more innocent. These head bands are typically worn by young girls.

  We purposely used this doll (on the left) for our film (which we named Annablle). We used Anabelle as she looks like a typical doll that young girls would play with. The doll also looks quite thrilling in a way becuase of the way it has a smile on its face. As you can see the two dolls look very similar.

 We put the pot of colouring pencils in the film next to Amy as she was drawing. Although it may not be as significant it adds a sense of childhood innocence as it represents children that like to draw.

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