Thursday, 3 March 2011

filmimg over the half term holiday

On out last lesson before the holiday, we decided that we were going to book out the camera's so that we can film. we borrowed the camera over the half term holiday, but we had a few problems.

So on Wednesday of that week we were supposed to go and pick up the equipment, Amy, Mary and Ethel went to get it. Marisa the media technician packed what we asked for and they took it and left to drop it of at Ethel's house. (Ethel's house is where we decided as a location) and we had decided to meet up Thursday morning to film, but when they checked if the equipment was there, there was a problem. Marisa the media technician hadn't packed the memory cards; and without the memory cards we cant film!!

So we all decided as a group that since Amy lived 10 Min's away from college she would on Thursday morning see if anyone was in college so that she could get our memory cards.. but as u can guess there was no-one there...  me and Amy then thought that we should email our teacher Phil and ask for his advice, and then we thought of asking if Amy could come in on the Monday that we had teacher training day to see if she could get the memory cards. Phil said it was OK so Amy went on Monday, however she didn't find memory card A or B she only found memory card C, i said that it wouldn't work on camera because memory card c was for a stills camera; but in spite of that we all met again and tried to see if it would work but it didn't.                                  
On tuesday we gave the equipment late, so now we are only allowed to film with in lesson time, we are not allowed to take it out of lesson hours e.g. after school, over night, or over the weekend. which really put us in a difficult position becasue we still hadn't got any filming done due to the memory card businss. we also found out that phil had the memory cards on the monday that amy was supposed to pick it up, he took it with him to the staff room and tld amy to cme and find him, amy went to the media technition room and found only memory card c, she then looked for phil but didnt find him. So this was all becasue of a lack of relaying communitction, but whats done is done we just have to make best of the time that we have left, and get the best film we can out of this, and learn for next time.  

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