Sunday, 13 March 2011

Filming.....*sigh* The Film Of Course

So we are going through all the clips that we had filmed and MY LORD, majority of the clips were unfocused so all that time we filmed was a waste. *big sigh* you know what this means..... back to Amy's house but as we were looking through the clips i realised that a lot was happening for an opening scene we already had Amy (the main character) stabbing dolls and going crazy. It was too chaotic. So we called Phil and Mary and they gave us some advice a few tips on how our opening should be. Phil showed us a clip of shelock holmes which is below and the clip was exactly how we wanted ours to be like. We thought about what we should do then we came up with a new opening scene which is very plain and simple but also thrilling.

I was going to add a pic but it was messing up heres the clip of Sherlock Holmes.

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