Thursday, 24 March 2011

Making a Questionnaire To Gain Some Feedback...

Last night I made a small questionnaire so that I can ask random people today to watch our unfinished film and give us some feedback about it. Maybe if we have time, we could use the feedback to improve our film! (THE DEADLINE IS ON FRIDAY!!!) Below are the questions that I came with;

1) Is there any significant features or aspects of the film that tells you as an audience that it is a thriller?

If yes, how?
If no, why?

2) Do you think we have used a good range of shots to try and create suspense?

If no, why?

3) Does our film  succeseed in giving out hints of what it is about?

Yes, I understand/get a hint of what it's about
No, its quite confusing and I don't know what to think
Not sure

4) Is our titles good?

If no, why?

5) What would you rate our film out of 10?

Today, I will print out my questionnaire and give it out to a few media students after allowing them to watch our unfinished film. I hope the feedback is mostly positive!!

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