Thursday, 24 March 2011

changing the pictures

We changed the pictures in our film... the other ones didn't work, so we changed it to different pictures that i drew... this is because the other pictures just didn't match the black marker in the film aslo because they were blurry.... also because we were inspired by the Sherlock homes opening. This thriller is a very stylised opening which will be good for out thriller because it was starting to look a mess because we had too much going on... so this inspired us to go with a stylised opening like Sherlock homes. this opening is really good because it shows some action and the turns into a drawing of the frame at that moment, i think its pure genius!!!

The effect they used in Sherlock homes is called the ink and paper effect...i think this effect is really cool!

here are the original pictures that we were going to use, they were just drawing that Ethel's little sister drew..

And here are the new pictures that we are putting in... these are more stylised because they are images of bits of scene, we have done this because we wanted the Sherlock homes effect..

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