Friday, 8 April 2011

QUESTION 8 Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

Since we did our prelim film i think we have improved a lot as media students.
Our prelim for some of us was the first thing we filmed and edited professionally and i think we have improved so much and our final film proves my point.


In our prelim film the titles were a bit boring, it did not look attractive it was just plain. The title entered in a boring way there was no style it was pretty much boring.
But with our final film we were more creative. We used an animatic to bring in the titles and the titles were more stylised to look like they were typed so it brings more style to our film.


We used basic camera shots with our prelim film so it did not bring much excitement to the prelim film but in our final film we used a variety of shots like long shots, low angle, over the shoulder etc. The shot i like is the one were the camera circles Amy while she is drawing. I think it was very creative even though it was a bit unsteady but it turned out alright .


We did not use transitions in our prelim film so it was just cut after cut which was uninteresting becasue our prelim film was supposed to be action packed but in a way it worked. In our final film we decided to use transitions becasue the film started off slowly so the transitions made our film look more mysterious so it flowed better.


We used sound from soundtrack pro with our first film but i think we got a bit too excited with all the sounds so i think the sounds we used for our prelim film did not work. For our final film we used soundtrack pro again but we also made Fatama sing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' then combined the recorded sounds with the sound from soundtrack pro to make our final soundtrack. I still think we could have improved it by adding a diffrent sound near the end to build up the tension and make our film have diffrent dynamics because our film did drag on a bit becasue of the repeatative sound.

What made our final film different from the rest is that we added drawn pictures in our film. We traced what was on the screen then we put the drawings in a scanner. It saved onto the computer, then we saved them onto a usb and transfered it into final cut pro. When we were making our prelims it was pretty much just do as the teachers said becasue we were new to filming and we wanted to get it right. So we did not use our imaginations or think creatively. Whereas with our final film because we planned it well we were able to add new things and try and make our film unique.

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