Friday, 1 April 2011

Evaluation: Question 6- part 2

When we were watching our films, eveyone filled in these sheets and gave them to the groups they wrote about at the end....

We then had to go to this website called we had to type up the feedback and put it into wordle and it would create a word cloud for us.. herer is how it looks:

You can change the colour, font, and the design of the cloud:

The more words you put in the busier it looks...

This is our word cloud:

This is what everyone in ur class said about our film, this is what we used to create our word cloud:
Annabelle’s whisper’s, I think that the editing was really good, with the drawings matching the camera shots. I thought that the sound was very repetitive and got annoying but at first it was really creepy/ haunting. The editing from the real clips to the drawings were excellent. I thought that the sounds could have variation and not the same throughout the whole thing. Pictures were awesome! Close up of the dolls= good and creepy. The pictures want to make us know more… really well edited, slow pace meant that it was Eerie. Titles were clean, which meant that they were readable. The singing ad music was out of time, slightly too dark on the 2nd half when drawing. Very good camerawork, lighting could have been better. The volume of the soundtrack could have been lower. Singing good but repetitive.  The sound went well with the film the drawing that comes after the film works really well the shots were good lighting and titles needs to be improved it was suspenseful the drawings were wicked the editing and music was good the lighting was too dark i think the two soundtracks flowed well especially the sound track which is played during the lullaby singing some of the shots were too dark and i couldn't really see what was going on it could have been better it was suspenseful the drawings were fantastic it made you film really unique and different i was really impressed the sound wasn't so good it could have been better some parts of the film were too dark and it didn't look good that could have been improved suspense it was a bit confusing i loved the drawings the way it cut between cartoon and real life that was impressive i liked the sound it was okay the titles were good and i liked the font some shots were dark you could have brightened it up overall the film was okay i liked the drawings they were really good and unique the titles were good too but i didn't like the sound it could have been better the lighting was dark the lighting was too dark in some shots i liked the pace of the film it helped to build suspense.      

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