Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation: Question 8

  Looking back at the preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression form it to the full product?

Comparing our preliminary film to our real thriller film, we have improved a lot as Filmer's, and editors.. I am going to explain the comparisons, improvements between the both.


In our prelim film, (above left) the titles were short and rushed due to the amount of time that we had left to complete it, we did not follow a conventions of a normal film... we tried but it didn't work,  for example in our prelim we put the title of the film before the stars/ cast.. This was wrong because the people starring in the film are supposed to go first and then its supposed to be the name of the film. 

Camera shots:

When we did our prelim we (above) we used two point of view shots consecutively, and this looked really awful when we watched it after. however in our real film we used a variety of different shots together and we didn't make that same mistake.. this shot (right) id very good because the camera is at a low angle looking up.. which make s a scary mysterious affect. and this worked really well with out thriller! 


The sound was good but was really repetitive, i think that if we had some more time than we could have added more sounds and and had more variation in it.  it was better than the prelim in the fact that we made our own sound track for the singing, with some other sounds from soundtrack pro.. i recorded myself singing 'Twinkle twinkle little star' using her my phone and then we imported it into our film. I think that this was a really good thing to do as it will get us marks for showing that we are capable of making our own sounds to use in our film.  


To make our edits fit and be more interesting to watch we wanted to include transitions to go from one shot to another.for example fade in, fade out, dissolve, Cross dissolve etc.... I really think this helped to make our film flow nicely and made it look more professional. However in our prelim we used no transitions, it just cut from shot to shot

Below it shows how we used transitions to make it look really creepy and Erie... 
As you can see the clip before is still visible while the next clip is coming one.. this makes it feel like the dolls is still present in the next shot. 

our group didn't just want the normal conventional opening where its all acting, so we decided to do something different, we were inspired by Sherlock Holmes.. we decided to add drawings with acting instead of just acting..  we wanted our  film to be unique and different from others, therefore drawings were a really good way to go about doing it. we did this by drawing some of the key scenes in black fine liner, this will give it a very stylised and classy look. I went home with the chosen scenes and drew them, we then scanned the pictures in so that it will look exactly as i drew them.. this worked because they looked very much like the scenes in the opening clips .  

I realised that when making our prelim, we did not think about using the opportunities we have to make our film more interesting and unique. We simply filmed, edited it and then added in titles. However, when making our film we knew we had to do something different and it turned out that our decision was good because everyone really liked our unique and creative idea!! 

I think these main things that we have improved on has helped our film to be much better than our prelim and we have learned a lot on how to make a good suspenceful, sucessful thriller film!!!!!!! 

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