Wednesday, 26 January 2011


» In todays lesson we looked at the denotations and connotations of fonts.

(first level of signification)
what an image actually shows and what is immediately apparent.

(second level of signification)
linking the object with other sings and looking at it in full detail.

-The image below shows/denotates a phone, but looking at connotation, it shows that that it might belong to a teenager, most probably a girl as it has a pink case on it.

-Following on from this, we looked at a film poster, for Avatar and analysed it, looking at the denotations and connotations.
-We found out the name of the font used in the Avatar poster, which was 'Papyrus'. We then came up with the connotations for the font:
-lack of technology
-the desert

-We then looked at other examples where the font is used..

 -on food packaging.

-in films.

» When designing our title sequence, we need to think about what type of font we want to use. There are two types of font:

-Serif; the extra little detail at the end of each stroke of every letter, such as 'Times' and 'Courier.'

-Sans Serif; modern, more friendly and informal fonts, such as 'Arial' and 'Comic Sans.'

» After learning about denotaion and connotaion as well as serif and sans serif, we then got put into groups and was given a thriller poster to analyse. We done 'Prom Night.'

-we came up with a few ideas about the denotations and connotations when looking at the poster:
-The colour red gives the connotaion of; evil, blood, horror, violence, danger, which gives the audience a feel that the film much be a thriller/horror film.
-The font is a serif font, 'Tragen'. The sharp edges of each letter connotates sharp objects such as knives. This could represent the violence and possibly murder that may happen in the film.
-The title of the film is all in capitals. Capitals are often used in text to represent someone shouting/screaming, this matches with the image of the woman in the background screaming or shouting.
-The font has a sort of glowing effect and looks like it was smudged, we suggested that this may represent smudged blood, this also helps to show that it is a thriller/horror film.

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