Monday, 17 January 2011

Title Sequence

Today was a good media lesson, we got to watch the title sequences to different thrillers and analyse the similarities and patterns amongst the thrillers. it was good to be able to see how different sub genres revealed their film through title sequences. we had a sheet, so that we can analyse the title sequence we were given, my group analysed THE SHINING. 

This is the sheet that i filled in on the shining opening:

The opening of this thriller has the usual order of an opening, however the difference is that the production company comes near the end instead of the beginning. because the picture is not clear enough to read i am going to tell you what order the information in the title sequence came: 

0:00-Opening started
1:07-Distribution company
1:13-Principle actors
1:24-Film Title
1:29-Featured actors
1:34-Other actors
2:06-Executive producer
2:11-Based upon the novel;Stephen King
2:16-Production company
2;21-Screenplay; Stanley Kubrick & Diane Johnson
2:27-Produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick
2:48-Opening finished

This is supposed to be the order of the main opening film credits;

Most films follow these guidelines however it doesn't always have to go like this, some films will present some before others because of who they think is more important. I didn't think that the opening of this thriller was suspenseful at all. i think that it was pretty dull.  

The only thing that was happening was that they were showing the audience where the film is set (location/setting). and the only things that made it seem like it could be a thriller was the music, it was very sinister and Erie.   


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