Monday, 24 January 2011


» In todays lesson we looked at the title sequence/the opening of The Stepfather. We looked in full detail at the different aspects included in the title sequence like the production and distribution and when eaxctly they appeared.

-The Opening Sequence 

»We found out that the production companies comes first, this lasts for about 30 seconds.

-Screen Gems


-Maverick Films/Imprint Entertainment


» Then, 51 seconds into the sequence comes the title of the film.
-The title fades in and also fades back out, but the 'F' in the word 'stepfather' takes longer to fade out, this could show some significance to the film.

» Next, comes the names of the main characters.
-Dylan Walsh - David Harris
-Sela Ward - Susan Harding
-Penn Badgely - Michael Harding
-Amber Heard - Kelly Porter
-Sherry Stringfield - Leah
-Paige Turco - Jackie Kerns
» Each of the characers names also fade in and out leaving one letter in each name taking longer to fade out, this has a good effect, creating suspense ans mystery, making the audience think why the director/producer has chosen to do that. They all appear a few seconds after the other while the main character (David Harris) is transforming himself, dying his hair, cutting and shaving his beard and chaging the colour of his eyes.

»Then, i noticed that 26 seconds after the previous name, comes the last name of the main characters (Jon Tenney) who plays the father, Jay Harding. As he is not really a main character, (we only see him in a few scenes) he was put last and came 26 seconds after the previous name.

» After, comes the names of the other characters.
-Nancy Linehan Charles - Mrs. Cutter
-Marcuis Harris - Dectective Shay
-Braeden Lemasters - Sean Harding 
-Deirdre Lovejoy - Detective Tylar
-Skyler Samuels - Beth Harding

» And finally credit for the 
-Casting - Lisa London and Catherine Stroud
-Costume Designer - Lyn Elizabeth Paolo
-Music Supervisor - Michael Friedman
-Music Producer - Charlie Clouser
-Editor - Eric L. Beason
-Production Designer - Steven Jordan
-Director of Photography - Patrick Cady
-Excecutive Producers - Meredith Zamsky, J.S. Cardone and Guy Oseary
» They all appear a few seconds after the other while main characer (David Harris) makes him self breakfast.

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