Wednesday, 26 January 2011

List of Thriller sub genres

Psychological thriller- where the conflict between the main characters is mental and emotional rather then physical.

      Taxi Driver

Conspiracy Thriller- Where the hero confronts a large powerful group of enemies and only the hero knows their true intentions.

   The day of the Jackal

Crime Thrillers- This is filled with suspense of unsolved or failed crimes

   Lonely Hearts

Political Thrillers- The hero must ensure the stability of the government         

The Ghost Writer

Medical Thriller- Where the hero is a medical person and is trying to  solve an expanding medical problem

Eyes Without A Face

Religious Thrillers- Where the plot is closely connected to religious objects instituions and questions

The Da Vinci Code

Erotic Thriller- Where the plot involves erotica and thriller

 Dressed to kill

Techno Thriller- Where technology is the base of the movie

Terminator 2

 Mystery Thriller- Where the character attempt solving or are involved in a mystery.

The Covenant

The subgenre in thriller that inspires me is Psychological Thriller because its really suspenseful and interesting. I think a Psychological thriller needs to be long because it can sometimes be confusing so it needs to take time to develop but when i watch a PT movie at the end of the movie the plot is supposedly solved but it still leaves me feeling as though the story has not completely finished yet like something more needs to happen so it leaves me thinking about it. I think that is what makes a good Psychological Thriller making the audience still think about it.

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