Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Our First Film; A Thrilling Game of Cards.....

Today's lesson was really exciting as we finally got to edit the film that we shooted the week before. We got into our groups and worked togteher to edit our film. We used a program called 'Final Cut Pro' which allowed us to cut out all the bits we didn't need and so on. The only thing that was quite annoying is that apple macs can be quite complicated to use... everyone in my group is used to handling normal computers!!

We also got to add in sound effects and sound tracks into our film which was fun too. At first the film was quite boring without no sound but once we added in some it almost brougth the film to life and it felt like we were editing a really good piece of filmwork :).
Micky (one of the media department technicians) then showed us how to add in subtitles to our film however we were so excited about adding in sound to our film that we did not have time to!

As we were editing our film on the apple macs I took a few images of the screen....

This is the begining of our film. As you can see it is being edited using the programme Final Cut Pro. That's my head on the right hand side of the screen!!!

This is the other screen (this apple mac had two screens which took quite some time to get used to!!)

This is near the very end to the film. As you can see the cards are layed out on the table! Mary has won the game so that means sadly I lose the bet! :'(

Below is our final edit of the film, enjoy! :)

A thrilling game of cards

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