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Denotation; The image you actually see and what is immediately apparent, compared to the assumptions that and individual reader may make about can also be a first level of signification. First level of significance is the identification and definition of elements of a text or picture, e.g. This is yellow, it is a banana, it is big etc. Denotation reading is common for most people.
Connotation; is the meaning behind the picture or text, it is when you read between the lines and recognise meaning through cultural experiences that you have been though. Connotation happens when you link and object with other signs and meanings, e.g. a banana connotes healthy eating, diet, lifestyle, monkeys etc. but for some people they might not like banana's their connotations might be totally different e.g. It could connote vomit, unpleasantness etc.     

Fonts are a Major deal when making the title sequence of a film or marketing the film, Different fonts connote different things. We looked at the font 'papyrus', i have done some connotations of what i associate this font with;

Papyrus is the most common font used. It is one of the 10 fonts that come free with word:

We then looked at how avatar has used papyrus and why.
There has a been a lot of criticisms for David Cameron using this font, people were saying out of all the fonts in the world and that he could have made his own font he chose to use papyrus. Even though the basis of the avatar name is papyrus, David Cameron did customize it and make it its own. There is a glow to the writing, it makes it different, and makes it attractive and alien which comes together with the concepts of the film. Even though it common the connotations of this font fit perfectly to the film e.g. tribal because of the avatar people, ancient, natural, lo tech, looks like bark/trees which is very naturalistic. 

We then had to work in groups and analyse the font used on a movie poster that we were given.

We had to refer to the denotations and connotations of the words, font, title etc.   
Serifs are details on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols, Serif fonts are widely used in traditional printed material such as books and newspapers.We learned that if the font is serif font then it connotes that it is very formal, traditional and feminine. examples of serif font are 'times new roman', 'bookman old style', 'century' etc. 

Sans Serif's is one that doesn't have the small features called "serifs" at the end of strokes. Sans Serif fonts In print, are more typically used for headlines than for body text, serifs help guide the eye along the lines in large blocks of text.We learned that if the font is Sans Serif then it connotes that it is very informal, modern and more masculine, examples of serif font are 'Comics sans ms', 'Copperplate', 'Algerian' etc.

We did the film 'the fast and the furious;


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