Sunday, 16 January 2011


» Within a genre, there are many sub-genres, within the thriller genre there are thirteen sub-genres:

1) Political/Conspiracy Thriller
2) Crime Thriller
3) Disaster Thriller
4) Action Thriller
5) Legal/Courtroom Thriller
6) Horror Thriller
7) Mystery Thriller
8) Innocent on the run
9) Psychological Thriller
10) Spy Thriller
11) Aquired identity Thriller
12) Paranormal/Supernatural Thriller
13) Romance/Murderous passions Thriller         
» When we say a film is a 'horror thriller' we mean that the film is a 'thriller' but it also has aspects of 'horror', therefore it is a horror thriller.

» In class we looked at a few of the different sub genres and wrote down the generic codes and conventions we would expect to see in each of them.

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