Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Thriller sub-genres

A sub-genre is a subcategory within a particular genre, which means there are smaller categories in the big category e.g. 'thriller' is the big category and these are some examples of the smaller categories:
-political/conspiracy thrillers
-mystery thriller
-paranormal/mystery thriller
-action thriller
-disaster thriller
-crime thriller
romance/murderous passions thriller

psychological thriller


horror thriller

                                         In class we had to come up with different films that we thought were thriller films, these are some of the films we came up with: orphan, strangers, piranha, saw, the shining, prom night, paranormal activity, drag me to hell, the last house on the left, the ring, the eye etc. someone said 'catch me if you can', we had a debate in class weather it was a thriller or not and then our teacher Phil checked on IMDB and they said that it wasn't a thriller.. yay i was right!


What are the similarities and differences between different thrillers???

Well i would say what they have in common is that they all have the 'suspense of the unknown'. Also in most thrillers people die or get hurt, unless its a comedy. I highly doubt that a comedy will have someone die in it. The differences that they have are that they have different plot lines, different sub genres and different directions they take to create suspense.

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