Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Making our own short film

A Thrilling Game of Cards 

Today we started to do editing, i have done editing before but it was a looooooooong time ago.. and to be honest i only remember a little, we learned how to do lots of things that will help us when we edit our real title sequence. When we started editing, some of the things we did came flooding back to me and i remembered a bit here and there. However we had a problem of getting our film clips open, then after a grueling process of it not opening we decided to start all over again on a different computer. We finally managed to get started.. phew!     We opened up a program called final cut pro, this is were we edited the clips together to make our short film. the whole point of the exercise was to be able to experiment and get used to the software we are going to be using. This is the icon for final cut pro; We had to play the clips and chose from what point to what point we wanted to be in the real thing. We then had to refer back to the storyboard to see what order to place the clips in. This is the first clip that we edited:  

Because of the way we filmed, the shots and angles some of the sequences didn't make sense so we improvised and used our initiative and put different bits in to make it mesh together well. for example there is a bit where she walks to the table and she sits down, they we see a tilt shot of Mary's silhouette, this doesn't make sense because she is already sat down, therefore we cut it before she sits down and put it back after so that she looks like she opens her coat and then sits down. we did this with the rest of the clips, we had to make sure that it had continuity, this allows it to look real.

^ These are all the clips that we recorded ^
This is when we were nearly complete. it took us a long time and it was very tedious cutting the clips and placing them in the right place, however when it was all done, i was really proud that we had created this.

We then had a chance to put music and sound effects onto our film, i really like this part because we got to experiment with different sound.
              We used a heart beat in our movie:

               We also used cards shuffling:

                      We used footsteps:

We used a different program do add the sound/ sound effects, this is designed especially for this.  

 This program was alright to use after you got used to it, but there are A LOT of things that i still need to learn. We had to pick what we thought would go well with our movie and what was appropriate, we also had to discuss it amongst our group, and make sure everyone was on the same page and agreed to the sound we were adding. everyone imputed and it was really easy to work in a team with Ethel, Mary and Amy.  

I think that adding the sound was the most time consuming, because you have to think of the sound that will go well with your clip, search for it and then if thy don't have it in the sound library then you have to search for an alternative. i think that the best sound effect that went most well with the clip is at the beginning, when Mary is walking towards the table. We added in footsteps and they matched how she was walking exactly step for step. I was really proud and happy that we did that.  

 Here is the short film that we have put together over 2 lessons:


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