Tuesday, 15 February 2011


» So before we could even film for our final opening sequence, we do of course have to pitch our idea/s to our teacher aswell as class. In preoaration for this we all had to put a powerpoint together with 12 slides to help us pitch our idea. 

-We was given a brief in order to help us with our presentations.

» In my group we all took responsibility for each slide...
I was in charge of the storyboard and making it into an animatic.
Fatama was in charge of the reseach, looking into the thriller sub genre and locations.
Ethel was in charge of the risk assessment and production schedule, planning which days we should film etc..
Mary was in charge of sounds, looking on youtube for sounds that we possibily might use in our own film.

» When making the animatic, I had to use the storyboard we drew out and using a still camera take pictures of each individual frame from the storyboard, this was a very long process. I did already have the storyboard scanned in the comptuer, however when it came to cropping each frame individualy, it was hard, as i did not know how to using the Macs.

-Here is the camera stills of each individual frame.
» Making the animatic was pretty easy, as I was now quite familiar with it. Importing the pictures, dragging them to the frame, placing them in the right order and cropping if needed.

» Lesson finished, and I did not have enough time to add titles to the animatic, so me aswell as Fatama and Ethel went to workshop to finish off the powerpoint and the animatic. Using final cut pro I added titles to the animatic in the order which we would put the titles in our final film.

» I finshed the animatic! Then me a Fatama were watching it back and decided that we should and sound to it using one from which Mary found on youtube.

-Animatic without sound;

-With sound;

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