Monday, 14 February 2011

Working On Our Pitch

In todays lesson we got into groups and began working on our 'pitch'. The pitch will basically be a presentation that we will create using the program Powerpoint and present it to our class and other media teachers. The pitch must contain the following;

1. Title of our film
2. The treatment (brief outline of the film)
3. What type (sub genre) of thriller it is
4. Planned locations and location shots
5. Prop, costumes and other mise en scene
6. Full storyboard and preferably animatic including titles
7. Preliminary ideas about sound
8. Production schedule
9. Risk assessment
10. Skills audit to date
11. Institutional detail
12. Audience detail

We were told by our teacher Phil that if our pitch was not good or did not convince him and other media teachers that our thriller film would be successful then we would not pass and therefore we will no be able to start filming! This put pressure on us! We had to make sure our pitch was very convincing!
We split the responsibilties amoungst our group. For example Fatama was incharge of of tasks 1-5 from the list above (all in which she had to do using Powerpoint). Mary was in charge of looking online and trying to find different music and sound effects we could use in our film. Amy was in charge of transforming our storyboard into an animatic so that we could include it in our pitch. I was in charge of tasks 8-12 from the list. Below are some images I took of us working on our pitch...

This is me creating the presentation on Powerpoint

This is my complete first slide

 This is my second slide. I have wrote about the different skills we have learnt since the start of this unit (unit of preparing for making of thriller film)

This is Mary searching for different sounds online...

She found some good ones on Youtube....

This is Fatama working on tasks 1 to 5 (from pitch list) using Powerpoint
We didn't get to complete our pitch though so tommorrow my group will be meeting up at lunch time to finish it off before our next media lesson because this is when we will be presenting it!!!!

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