Sunday, 13 February 2011

Evaluating the Preliminary

Our teacher Phil gave us feed back on our blog:

I agree with most parts of his feed back for example the last paragraph, where he says that we carefully planned it, and we payed close attention to detail because it is true, we spent a long time planning what scenes and where we could shoot our preliminary. I think that we can improve the titles a lot, but in my defense we didn't have much time and i was left on my own to finish the titles.

The part where Amy is looking from the counter to Ethel, i would say was right, we over did it with 2 point of view shots, but now that i think of it, it was meant to be all together but because we were under a tight deadline we weren't thinking straight and recorded 2 shots. If it was one shot of her looking down from the sweets to Ethel then it would have been better for the film because it would have flown nicely.

However i don't agree with when he said that the close up of what Ethel was looking at was too close. (cash till) this shot of the cash till was suppose to be for the audience to know what we were looking at not a reality of what Ethel was looking at.

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