Monday, 7 February 2011

The Black Swan

After seeing the trailer to the movie 'Black Swan' I just had to write about it because it looked like an amazing spine chilling thriller. The story is based on a New York City ballet company which is preparing for the production of Swan Lake, choosing to cast a new lead to replace current star "Beth MacIntyre" as the Swan Queen. However, the lead must maintain an adequate portrayal of both the White (innocent and sweet) and Black (dark and seductive Swans. Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman)a dancer, is picked to compete for the part alongside several other young dancers.

The ballet director Thomas Leroy, is unwilling to cast Nina as the Swan queen; because he says that she is the perfect White Swan, he says that she lacks the seductive passion and the sexuality of the Black Swan. During a confrontation over the role, Thomas kisses her, and she bites his lip, surprising and exhilarating him; directly after, he casts her in the lead, even though he had claimed another girl was getting the part.

Nina displays a number of pshycotic symptoms, including strong delusions and elaborate visual hallucinations. She begins to feel paranoid that Lily, her understudy, is determined to take the lead away from her. She becomes wrapped up in the obsession of getting the part. Thomas meanwhile, becomes increasingly critical of Nina's frigid dancing as the Black Swan, and tells her that she should stop being so perfect and simply lose herself in the Black Swan role.

Just from the trailer I felt so many different  many different emotions tranquility and excitement to scared and shocked. There are a number of different angles & shots when they dance the director beautifully captures each movement. I cant wait to watch the film, it seems so interesting and I hope that no-one spoils the ending for me....  

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