Monday, 14 February 2011

Evaluation Of Prelim Film

The good things about the film is that the music picked for the film worked well i think music is important becasue if the right music is not added the point of the music may be lost or misunderstood. We have a variety of shots so we bring suspense to the piece we have low angle shots high angle shots close ups long shots etc. The cuts matched together so it look fluent. If it was cut randomly then of course the piece would not flow.

The improvements
we could have made more jump shots when the gun was being pulled out. We made it obvious that the gun was going to be pointed at Amy becasue we filmed a close up of the gun the a longshot of Ethel pointing the gun at Amy. If we had filmed a close up of the gun then a close up of Amy doing shopkeeper stuff to show she has no idea of what is going on then we could have filmed a close up of Ethel's face to show that she was about to do something. The we could cut to Amy's face to show that she know realises what is going on then a two shot (?) of the both of them together. I think if we had filmed it this way it would have created more suspense.

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