Sunday, 13 February 2011

Editing in Titles

We still had to add titles to our preliminary as you can see from the rough cut. (hehe) So on Wednesday after Bernards lesson i wanted to meet up and finish the titles so i talked to my group members and agreed to meet on Wednesdays. When we were there, we got stuck because we have never used live type before so we asked the media technician Marisa to help us. she showed us how to use it, she was really friendly and nice and it really helped having her there.
This is live type:

i had never had any experience using live type and it seemed really extra to have to import every single titles separately so Marisa showed me how to put titles on in final cut pro. final cut pro seemed easier and quicker so i decided to opt for this one. Below are some pictures of editing in final cut pro: 

We started putting in the titles at 3:30, Mary, Ethel and Amy left at 4:00. so i had to stay and finish it, it was hard because i didn't have anyone Else's opinion on where to put the titles...
i finished putting in the titles at 5, it took along time because i had to change a format because the titles were making the video blurry, and for a long time i couldn't figure out how to make it better, so i asked the workshop teacher and she helped me and told me what to do. i was so relieved when i finally finished!

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