Sunday, 6 February 2011

filming preliminary

On Wednesday we were actually filming with REAL PEOPLE instead of jelly babies.. hehehe. We had a camera, tripod and some props and we started to turn our jelly baby storyboard into an actually film......

We were so interested and busy with the rest of the filming that we didn't get a chance to take anymore pictures of us actually filming it..  
But i had a lot of fun.. apart from the bit were we had to re-take a scene where me and Ethel are running! it was sooo exhausting, running down the cafeteria a million times!!!  

We had to prioritise our 3 hours, so amongst our group we decided to film in the first 1hour and a half, then edit on the second half.. but we said that if we still hadn't finished filming then we would extend into the editing half. But we luckily finished on time.. YAY!!. after we filmed we started editing. firstly we had to transfer the clips from the memory card onto our video drive...
We then imported the files into final cut pro so that we could start editing our work:

We then edited the clips together, it was a lot of hard work, because we had to find the right clip, because we took lots of takes of the same shot, therefore we had to figure out which one was the right one and edit them together. it took us the whole hour and a half to finish the rough cut of the editing. Here are some screen grabs of the editing process... 

I thought that the movie could still be better so when lesson finished i stayed for workshop to get the editing perfect. Bernard came and looked at the film and said that the editing could be a lot tighter meaning that there was footage that didn't need to be there and could be taken out to make it quicker and more interesting and like a thriller. He showed me how to do it and i did it on the rest of the film.

when i put the clips next to each other they weren't exactly together, there was a gap, i also learned how to close gaps.....
Also before when i deleted a clips in between the sequence i used to highlight all of the rest of the film and drag it together, but now i know how to close the gap it is a lot easier..

On Monday we are going to add sound and titles to our edited film.. I'm sooooo excited to be able to finish it so that i can post it on here.  

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