Thursday, 10 February 2011

Would we use Intertexuality in our film....?

Intertextuality is the ongoing interaction between poems or stories."Dialogue" between old texts and new. When a newer book borrows something familiar from older, well known books so the reader can grasp a familiar concept/idea.

For example the novel "Cacciato" borrows the idea of "Alice In Wonderland" when the army squad falls through a hole into a "fantasy land", and they all fall at different rates - despite gravity.

However, in film, intertexuality is when a film borrows an idea from another film. For example what happen in a scene of one film , the ideas has been taken from another film. Below is a funny image to try and visualise what I am talking about!

As you can see this man on the right seems to be a great fan of doctor evil as he has tried his very best to look like him in this picture by trying to wear similar clothes and holding a dog just like him. They even look alike... look at their faces! This can be seen as an example of intetexuality as ideas from one character has been used to transform a new or similar character. (Others may say this is not intertexuality becuase the man is just trying too copy him exaclty... Oh well...)

I have just realised that when it comes to making our own thriller films, we may use intertexuality too! Ideas that we use may have been taken from other films. For example in my previous blog when I came up with the idea of making a pysocological thriller of someone who may be mentally ill, I took this idea from the film Memento!

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