Saturday, 12 February 2011

Evaluating Our Prelim Film

I have just read the feedback that our teacher gave to us on our Prelim film and so I have decided to make a short evaluation of our film so that I can look back and learn from it. Doing an evaluation means that I will be able to point out the weaknesses and stengths of our prelim. This has a great advantage as when it comes to making our real thriller film I (and my group) will know what to do to make it good and know the mistakes we should not repeat. Below is our prelim clip again just so my evaluation makes sense...

Some Weaknesses

- The first thing I realised is that our sub titles were very dull and the order was a bit unusual. For example 'CANDI films presents' comes in too early, and I think the title of the film could of came on at a later stage. Also we didn't think about positioning the titles in the right places. For example, putting the titles in between scenes where it was not necessary to have the audiences' full attention. For example in the bit where it showed the thieves walking inside the shop from the birds-eye-view shot, we could of included significant sub titles here. I think we also should have slowed the pace of the subtitles rolling in and out of the screen, and also changed the font colour as it became difficult to read in some backgrounds.

- Some of the sound effects were too loud. For example the sound of the first footsteps of the thieves. This made it seem quite un-realistic.

- The two shots of the shopkeeper from behind the till were a bit too similar. We should of had more of a distinctive difference between our shot types and angles.

- There is a jump cut where we had another point of view of the shopkeeper that tilts up to reveal the two thieves at the tables. Our teacher Phil told us that these shots are too alike and this is what causes the 'jump'. Maybe one point of view shot is enough, as we need to have a controlled and appropriate use of interesting angles, effects etc.

- Next time we need to be more organised with our props! As you may have worked out, it looked unusual for the thieves to steal £10 which was put into an empty carrier bag. We were supposed to have a sack, that looked full of money (not just £10!) , however we would only show the shopkeeper putting in the last £10 note inside of it... but it didn't really work!

Some Strengths

- I think our choice of music was really good throughout. Especially the way the beat kicked in at the start. This builds up some sort of exciting suspense and builds up the audiences anticipation that some is about to start. Also when we added in sound effects of cars and traffic, I think this worked well as it made the setting seem more realistic.
- The acting was good throughout to, so it made our film seem realistic.

- We had quite a few point-of view-shots and shot-reverse-shots which was good as it is essential to get in as many different shot types as possible so that the film does not start to bore the audience. Also we had a good birds-eye-view or tilting shot of the thieves walking in the shop which worked really well and was effective as it looked like they were being watched by someone or maybe a CCTV camera.....

- During the getaway and even when they first walked in the shop (through the automatic doors) we build up the pace of the editing. We could had just had a shot showing them from in front or behind walking through the shop, however, we decided to edit it in a way so it was quick and more interesting to watch. This worked well and is a good technique that we used.

To be honest, as this was only a prelim the making of the film was not done to the best of our ability, as we just saw it as 'practicing.' However, this evaluation had made it easier to learn what we need to improve on and we will be sure not to make the same mistakes again if we want our film to be successful!!

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