Monday, 14 February 2011

Title Sequence to Thrillers PITCH...

In our groups we have to pitch to our teachers and the rest of the class your ideas and concrete plans about our film opening. we have mondays lesson to prepare our pitch and and then on wenesdays lesson we have to present our pitch, its going to be scary.... 

        We have 15 mins to present our pitch.. (i dont know if thats enough time... :s )

This is what our pitch has to contain:
1. the title of your movie
2. the treatment
3. what type of sub genre of thriller is it? have any other openings inspired you?
4. planned locations and locatons shots
5. props, costumes and other mise en scene
6. full story boardand preferably animatic including titles
7. preliminary ideas about sound
8. production scheduale (what you are doing and when)
9. risk assesment
10. skills audit to date
11. institutional deatil- which film company would produce your movie and how would that effect PDE
12. audience deatil- who is the target audience and what would appeal to them about your film?

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