Tuesday, 1 February 2011

When you look at title sequences there are four openings you will notice.

A narrative opening is when the film starts and the title starts to run through it. Here is example of a narrative opening.

The shining is a perfect example of the credits running through the beginnig scene. The camera is following the car to a destination the credits are rolling while the car is travelling.

A discrete title sequence is when there is music and distractions if you look at the exampke you'll understand. 

James Bond is an example of how discrete title sequences are used the characters or dancers were dancing around while the screen was changing colours and they were floating around the screen.

Titles over a blank screen, followed by the narrative.


Panic Room uses a title over a blank screen followed by the narrative

A narrative opening with highly stylised editing, distanct from the rest of the film
The Taking Of Phlem 123 would have been the example that i would have shown. The credits were on a black screen with fast pace OLD funky music then it went into the opening scene.

For my groups film i would prefer making the titles show up on a blank screen then have the narrative because from watching these clips the only one that brings tension is the panic room clip. It looks more thrillerish (?) than the others but i guess it depends on the films sub genre.

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